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Business Premises Loan


Here at cdbbank we understand that growing companies have increasing office space and storage needs. With our business premises lending product, we can help you materialise your plans for the construction, acquisition, renovation or extension of business premises, warehouses and other industrial space. Enjoy additional benefits by investing in environmentally friendly buildings.


Small, Medium and Large Cypriot companies, Professionals and Individual Business people are eligible to apply for the cdbbank business loan. Applicants must be in a position to cover at least 30% of the investment with own funds or by way of additional collateral/mortgage.

  • Minimum loan amount: €300,000
  • Maximum loan amount: €1.5 million
  • Client’s own contribution of 30% is required
  • The product might be combined with other lending products, according to the company’s profile
  • Right to make early repayment of the loan
  • Grace period on capital repayment of up to 18 months in certain cases (during construction period, if applicable)
  • Additional working capital financing
Requested collateral
  • First mortgage on the property to be financed
  • Collateral on other tangible assets and/or cash
  • Personal guarantees
  • Life insurance
  • Fire insurance policy for the premises to be financed
  • Contractors All Risk (CAR) policy (in case of construction)


Quick response - Fast track process Quick response - Fast track process

Fill in and submit the electronic loan application form, quickly and easily. Our team will assess your request and give you immediate feedback. 

Competitive Loan Terms Competitive Loan Terms

Competitive interest rates, grace period on capital repayment flexible loan instalments and no penalty for early repayment.

Benefits for Green Properties Benefits for Green Properties

Additional benefits for environmentally friendly premises.


All applicants are required to complete and submit an electronic form.




Cypriot companies, Professionals and Individual Businesspeople who wish to buy, construct, expand or renovate their business premises, warehouses, laboratories and other industrial or office space.

The procedure is very fast and simple. You just have to submit your interest by filling in a simple electronic application form which is available on our website. One of our experienced Relationship Managers will then get in touch with you for the way forward. 

  • Enjoy personal service and tailor-made solutions according to your needs
  • Establish your company’s presence in the market
  • Utilize the funds that you would pay for rent in an investment that will add value to your company
  • Materialise your plans in relation to your business premises without draining your company’s liquidity
  • Benefit from competitive loan terms and flexible loan instalments
  • Forecast your costs with more certainty
  • Invest in environmentally friendly premises and enjoy lower interest rates
  • Combine the business premises loan with other lending products offered by cdbbank 

The interest rate is based on a variety of factors such as the repayment ability of the applicant, the collateral offered and the type of the property to be financed.

The maximum repayment period offered is 12 – 15 years. 

Yes, assessment fees are applied. 

Yes, depending on the project. A grace period of up to 18 months can be offered on capital repayment.

Yes, option for flexible loan instalments is available. 

Yes, a mortgage on the business premises to be financed will be requested by the Bank. The Bank may require other collateral if needed, according to your needs and financial position. 

The minimum loan amount you can get is around €300.000 and the maximum is around €1,5 million. A contribution will be required by you either in the form of own funds or in the form of extra mortgage or collateral. The Bank will finance the remaining amount.

Yes, an early repayment option is available and early repayment fees may not be applied. 

The loan is disbursed in installments, based on the progress of work performed on the financed property.



cdbbank currently operates two business centers, one in Nicosia and one in Limassol, facilitating quick and personalised service. Our Client Relationship Officers ensure that you receive high-quality service at all times and that all your banking needs are catered with professionalism and a personal approach.