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Regulatory and Compliance

Payment Services Directive (PSD)

  •      Framework contract for payment services 
English   Greek
Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

  •      FATCA FAQs
Common Reporting Standard (CRS)
  • AEOI Commitments
  • OECD - Exchange of Tax Information
  • OECD - Automatic Exchange Portal

  • MiFID Pre-Contractual Information
  • Guide to Investing by ESMA
SEPA Payments

Disclosures in accordance with the Directive of Loan Impairment and Provisioning Procedures

  • Complaint form

Interest Rates

  • Lending Interest Rates 

Deposit Guarantee Scheme

  • Informative Leaflet on the Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Special Contribution for the Defence

Related documents for Individuals

  • Declaration for Exemption of an Individual from the Deduction of Special Defence Contribution on interest 
Related documents for Legal Entities

  • Declaration for Exemption of a Company from the Deduction of Special Defence Contribution on interest 

Application Forms

Application forms for e-statements

  • e-statement application for Individuals
  • e-statement application for Individuals – Joint accounts
  • e-statement application for Legal Entities

Application forms for access to the e-banking system
E-Banking Related Documents for Individuals:
  • e-banking application for Individuals  
English  Greek
  • e-banking application for Individuals for the Appointment of an Authorised User
English  Greek
  • Acknowledgment for the Collection of Activation PIN or Hard Token 
English  Greek
  • Individuals Application for Amendment or Cancellation 
English  Greek
E-Banking Related Documents for Legal Entities:
  • e-banking application for Legal Entities 
  • e-banking multiple signatures schemes for Legal Entities
  • Acknowledgment for the Collection of Activation PIN or Hard Token 
  • Legal Entities Application for Amendment or Cancellation 

Client instructions

  • Application for funds transfers to other Banks
  • Application for internal transfers
  • Application for the creation or renewal of fixed-term deposit
  • Application for providing authorisation to third party for cash withdrawal

Cheque Book Facilities

  • Cheque Book Order Forms  for Individuals
  • Cheque Book Order Forms  for Legal Entities
  • Cheque Stop Payment Instructions

Banking Codes of the association of Cyprus Banks

  • Account opening informational paper
  •  Code of Conduct - Borrowers in financial difficulties
  • Code of Conduct - Housing Credit
  • Code of Conduct between Banks and SMEs
  • Loan origination and review of existing loans processes
  • Κώδικας μεταφοράς προσωπικού λογαριασμού μεταξύ Τραπεζών
  • Κώδικας Τραπεζικής Δεοντολογίας

Bank Charges and Commissions

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